1) you know, i can almost bet that almost all SMU students who blog will blog about their projects coming to an end and that they are so relieved, but yet the finals are looming near.

2) definitely its great to break free from the “sleep at 5 / 6 / 7 am .. and wake up at 10am .. work in school till 12 am then head home to work some more”

3) in order to go back to the normal sleep pattern .. i had to deprive myself of one full day of rest so that i can fall asleep at the normal time again.

4) anyway .. with all that “early morning” sleep .. i realised that the sky turns bright in a matter of seconds or even minutes. looking out the window just before dawn, you will find that the animals are stirring, and beginning to make noises with anticipation of the coming day. its amazing how nature responds to the rising of the sun. then all of a sudden, you will find that the sky which was once dark is now filled with light. isn’t that just wonderful?

5) its time to cut my hair. seriously. 5.5 months of not cutting my hair has helped me saved some money though. hahahah ..

6) campus crusade is having a book sale again soon. by the time i finished 1.5 of my new books, i bought another 2 more. this obsessive book purchasing behavior has to stop.

7) sometimes i don’t really like having a big room, cos i don’t use most of the other spaces and they collect a lot of dust. i’m serious. but i don’t like to be crammed in a small space. so there, no reason for me to complain.

8) washing my table is therapeutic. scrubbing out the muck that has been accumulated between the grains of the wood, washing the dust away, and i end up with a clean table, which is smooth to the touch. up next, my warode.

9) jazz concert on weds night. looking forward to it.

10) God loves you. I’m serious.


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