Happy Chinese New Year!

So I decided to take photos for this year’s Chinese New Year Celebration. Finally some action for the family! We used to take photos a long time ago, but somehow stopped due to my dis-interest in pictures (i always have closed eyes, thus i dislike pictures of myself). So it’s my call to start things rolling again! 
So here are some from the reunion dinner cum birthday celebration for my auntie and her son. 

The VIP of the household – my maternal grandma! 

Check out the amount of food! More is to come! 

Seafood platter for one?

Grandma looking around. 

My cousin and his lovely baby!


Bored little cousin.

TV watching during dinner. 

Cousin and his dad. 

Cousin-in-law. Mother of the baby. Fav shot of the night.

Attention grabbing.

Sis and baby. 

Lovely Swensens cake. Ice cream somemore! 

Happy Birthday to youuuuu…

4 generations shot.

Group shot! 

Leave no man behind. Leave no ice-cream wasted. 

That’s all folks! But we’ll be back with more! 


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