the amazing race

As their destination draws near, the participants ready themselves. Tightening their grips on their bags, they move closer to the exit, so that they can leave their competitors in the wake of their dust. They cannot afford to lose any second; for who knows what might stand in their way during the later part of the race. 

The train starts to pull into the station, the atmosphere within the carriage goes up a notch. They start to push closer to the exit, not wanting to leave any gap between themselves and the door. 
The doors open, and off they go! Some head for the escalator that is 3 meters further than the stairs, while the others tackle the gray stairs instead, hoping that they can out run the speed of the escalator. As they reach the top, they reach into their bags and pockets to pull out their EZ-link cards, so that they can tap out in the fastest time possible…
Welcome to the Amazing Rat Race.

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