how to market a blog.

guess what? i can finally check the number of visitors to my site for each day! how cool is that?  

bad news is – i only hit the highest of 9 views in a day.

so i have been wondering – how can i sell my blog so that i can have a greater volume of visitors. 

hmm..let’s start with branding

a story i read, writes that branding is as simple as giving out a lollipop. this dj at a club gave out a chupa chups each time someone requested a song from him. very soon, he got noticed and became extremely popular. i think he then became known as the lollipop or chupa chups dj.

so here is my offer.  

leave a comment here, and i’ll buy you a chupa chups! that is if i know who you are. 

P.S. : each individual is only entitled one chupa chups! and this offer is only valid till the 25th of March 2008. 

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