fades in. fades out.

*beep* goes the fan as i turned it on.

a mighty surge of energy rushes to the blades, compelling them to move. as each one slices through the stagnant air, they cause movements proportionate to the effects of genocides. the disarray is met with extreme resistances, loud voices are heard throughout the streets. “revolution! revolution!” they shout along the pebbled roads. but waves after waves of violence are poured upon them, sweeping their injustice away like a mighty river. hopes are lost, righteousness devolved from morality to survival. pain is numbed, purposes dulled. they no longer move according to their own desires, but are moved by what is dictated. over time, what once was an inhumane atrocity, is now a modus operandi.

and my ears got dulled to the sound of the wind, fading into the background.


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