plugged out.

can’t sleep due to the potent coffee from dr cafe. though it rocked my taste buds big time, it is screwing up my sleeping pattern.


music numbs a long and boring journey. tempting it might have been, the urge to plug in was forlorn. the quiet bustle of the street called out in a tantalizing manner – cumulative whispers become audible before fading into the background. he strummed his guitar hard and sang his lungs out to a crowd that was thinning faster than the hair on his head, determined to strut as much as possible before being ushered off the platform. an alien stands in between statues created with frozen chains of carbon and hydrogen, while calling out to his comrade to aim the flash light towards him. song birds offered their voices up to the gods hoping that they would hear their plea, so that the upside down umbrella would be filled with pennies from heaven. the tinkling of a few dimes led to their outbursts of gratitude.

it felt like a tunnel coated with layer of birds – even dolby could not have recreated the dimensions of the chirping. ever so often, one would stare up wondering if a pepper of unfortunate blessings would rain down the next moment. groans of gears and pistons bounced off the buildings, their boundless energy held back by the calmness of a trickling river. an anomalous honk disrupted the calm belt, indicating impatience over the lack of movement. the cumulative whispers took front stage again, proclaiming the arrival of the tin can.

i boarded the bus, and plugged myself into mono, for the lush orchestra ended. my walk down orchard road wasn’t so long and boring after all.

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