perceived reality. (part 1 of some)

been meaning to write this for some time, but just got stuck each time i reach 1/4 of the post. so i decided to break them down into parts. having undisciplined trains of thoughts these days, and it gets really hard to write coherently. i write 3 emails at the same time, alt tabbing through the windows as i wait for Inspiration to whisper the words that i should include.


1. peek-a-boo

babies enjoy the game of peek-a-boo because it challenges their perceptions about the existence of the parent. at that young tender age,  they are still learning about the presence of objects, things and persons. what they can see, they believe to be there. what they cannot see, they believe it to be absent. it is over time that the baby learns to understand that there are more ways of determining if his mum is in the room or not. he learns to perceive his reality, when to muster up his diaphragm for that loud wail to garner attention, or when to stop his crying because his wants are already fulfilled.

2. story telling

story telling is a profession that will never fade away; all that has changed is the medium through which it takes place. we see folklore that transpired down the generations, where parents recount what their parents told them. “never do this” a child is told, because something bad might happen. while it might just be a tall tale, the child learns to avoid those behaviors because he perceives it to be true. it is only much later on that he discovers the true moral of the story.

the man who has memorized the story by heart sits by the corner of the street. he weaves a tale of the spirits and their mischiefs, where human beings have been tormented by their misdeeds. the frustrations of the actors in the story lead to injustice rising within the hearer’s heart. as insurmountable problems accumulate, the protagonists enters into play, pummeling the evil-doers into the ground. “take that!” leaps the heart of the audience with joy. for a minute there, the listener lost himself in the world that the story teller has so cleverly constructed.

today, the story teller has been replaced by the television, internet, books, videos, radios, and whatever form of media you can think of. the news today, helps us to perceive what is really happening halfway around the world. the internet draws us to perceive the days of a blogger. books enable us to gain the perspective of the writer, on how he perceives reality to be like for him.


don’t mean to leave you high and dry by writing halfway, but i got stuck on section 3. will be back soon.



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