sometimes i wake up and i wonder why..out of all the joys that a man can own, i can only have that one specific moment of exhilaration.

sometimes i walk around and examine why..out of all the pains that a man can have, i have to suffer one that none of my friends go through.

sometimes i sit and ponder why..out of all the trials that a man can go through, i have to trudge through one that seems the darkest of all.

so i looked at the setting sun behind the drifting clouds, and asked why God, why?

why can’t i have the joy that everyone else is having, and not the one that seems so trivial?

why can’t i endure the same pain that everyone else,  but the one that i am feeling so real?

why can’t i persevere in the same race as my neighbor, instead of the winding road so draining?

and He said to me, “nothing I have done is ever without a purpose – the earth was never formed through random explosions of energy. animals were never created through the evolution of simple cells – creation is the purposeful intent of a Creator.”

and then i knew i had my answer – that behind it all, there is always a plan.

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