pot calling the kettle black…

sometimes, just sometimes, you wish you can smack the person who feedbacks about your ability when he is someone you consider to be the most incompetent person you have ever crossed path with. you wonder what right does he have to comment on your lack of skills / foresight, forcing his thoughts / ideas at the most inappropriate time, going through every side issue but yet try to keep the meeting short. rattling off at how someone else is more competent for the post, and questioning the decision on the choice of leadership is not the best way to kick off the meeting.

i don’t know if i should even be pissed at him, or show him sympathy. it is amazing how some people assume that a past success resulting from circumstantial factors, would make them skilled planners of events. it is even more astounding that he would consider himself the expert, when he is being mocked behind his back for inability.

but yet, the irony of saying all these is, who am i to say that he is poor in ability? who am i to consider myself above him? ah, isn’t the pot calling the kettle black then?

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